Monday, July 13, 2009

NOKIA 6150 : Bass Boosted Earpiece Speaker

Nokia have features ‘Bass Boosted Earpiece Speaker’. So in promised sound will result in clear, natural. Original manufacturers promised save energy with 'SIM sleep mode’.

The Nokia 6150 is a 1998 model mobile phone which is compatible with European providers only. It operates on the frequencies of GSM 900, GSM 1800.

The Nokia 6150 is not capable of accessing the Internet, due to the limitations of GPRS access. With this phone, you may also send MMS, or Multimedia Message Service. The phone is also able to use EMS, or Enhanced Message Service. On top of sending messages, the Nokia 6150 is equipped with intelligent t9 typing, which allows you to easily type text messages without pressing each key upto 4 times for the correct letter.

Connectivity and Interactivity: With the 6150, you can't really do much when connecting to other devices, since it's USB capabilities are limited to nill.

Nokia 6150 Technical Details

Networks : GSM Networks.

Weight : 142 Grams

Case Type : classic

Year : 1998

Size : 129x47x28 mm

Battery Type : Ni-Mh

Battery Life : 5 Hours Talktime, 280 Hours Standby

Antenna : Oldschool External.

Display Features on the Nokia 6150

Resolution : 84*48

Colour Depth : Mono

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