Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nokia 5510 : Mp3 and Qwerty keypad

The Nokia 5510 offers personalization options, such as ringing tones and screensavers, and entertainment features such as music, games, and an FM radio.

Enjoying music on the move is even easier than before. With The Nokia 5510 in your pocket you can have your favourite music with you.

With the Nokia 5510 you can listen to news and music from your favourite radio stations. The FM radio has an automatic channel search and you can store 10 preset radio stations in memory.

The Nokia 5510 offers features such as chat, messaging, WAP, Music Player, games, and an FM radio.

Nokia 5510

Key features:

* Digital music player and recorder

* 64 MB integrated memory - can store up two 2 hours of music

* Stereo FM radio - 10 radio stations can be saved in memory

* Nokia Audio Manager 2.0 PC Software in the sales package

* Full QWERTY keyboard for fast text input

* Multiple Chat and SMS sending, SMS concatenation, templates, smileys, and picture messages

* 5 games: Bumper, Space Impact, Snake II, Pairs II, and Bantumi

* Game control keys duplicated on both sides of the screen allowing use with two hands

Weight: 155g

Dimensions: 134 x 58 x 28 mm

Operating frequency: GSM 900/1800 networks

Colours: Groove Red and Melody Blue

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