Saturday, July 18, 2009

ERICSSON R310 : Outdoor Handphone With Shark Fin

Ericsson R310 View Similar Antenna with shark fin. Form much more of phone most, hold impact body, waterproof resistant. Really for outdoor activity, adventurer, or anyone else who want in natural unimpeded.

Even though the R310 is built to cope with harsh treatment, it is a small phone that fits in the pocket and has all the features you expect to find in an Ericsson phone, such as voice control, vibrating call alert, and data/fax capabilities. Apart from being water, dust and shock resistant, the phone’s features, functions and accessories have been carefully developed to fit an adventurous lifestyle.
The R310 is Ericsson’s second rugged mobile phone and will be available during mid 2000.
The outside of the R310 is reinforced with rubber inlays to withstand harsh treatment and to provide a good grip that prevents the phone from becoming slippery when wet. The battery is housed within the phone and can easily be changed.
Being a water-resistant phone, the lid has silicone gaskets and membranes from W.L. Gore & Associates that prevent water from leaking in. Equipped with membranes from the GORE ALL-WEATHER-series, the R250 and R310 are the first phones to utilise W.L. Gore and Associates’ new concept.
The R310 will be available in four colors: Bright Orange, Nautic Blue, Aquatic Green and Peak Yellow. One of the first things that might strike you when you see the phone for the first time is the Shark FinÔ antenna. It is moulded in a flexible rubber material to prevent the antenna from being damaged if the phone is dropped.
To avoid getting dirt in the system connector of a phone, a protective rubber cover has been developed. The cover can be opened to facilitate easy mounting of accessories. The R310 is compatible with accessories for the 3V-platform that are not depending on the size and shape of the phone. There will be an outdoor adventure kit available as accessory, which contains compass, thermometer, magnifying glass and ruler, developed by Victorinox.
The R310 will be shipped in a durable water-resistant packaging, which also can be used as a container for things that you want to keep dry and clean when you’re out hiking. The container is made of transparent PET plastic and has a screw top that protects water from leaking in.
R310 features include:
• GSM 900/1800 dual band
• Water, dust and shock resistant
• Robust construction
• Vibrating Alert
• Data/fax
• Stopwatch/timer
• Games
• Large full graphical LCD display
• Built in battery
• Voice control (dialling/answering/rejecting calls)
• Multipurpose strap
Two versions of the R310 will be produced. The R310s, and the R310sc which features a complete Chinese interface, which allows you to send and receive Chinese SMS messages and also lets you store Chinese names in the Phone Book.

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