Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The LG-F7100 : LG phone with embedded compass

LG Electronics has introduced to the market the Qiblah phone (model:LG-F7100) which comes complete with embedded compass, direction indication and prayer time alarm (Azan feature), usable in 500 cities worldwide. LG Electronics has launched the Mecca indicator phone in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle East nations, as well as North African nations. LGE held a launching ceremony in Dubai, on July 20th.

The LG-F7100 model indicates the direction of Mecca to the users when they input their location in about 500 cities worldwide. This is different from the Mecca indicator phone unveiled last year that required the users to input their location and adjust the compass, which was provided as an accessory, to the north. The new model also informs the users of their prayer time (Azan time) five times a day.

Brand: LG

Model: F7100

Year: 2004

Bands: 900 1800

Phonetype: slider

Internal ant.: +

Weight: 89

Panels: +

Phonesize: 94×44x21

Battery type: Li-Ion

Battery capacity: 860

Talk time: 3.3

Standby time: -

Resolution: 128×160

Colors: 65536

Monitor size: -

Gprs: 10

MMS: +

EMS: +

t9: +

Java: 2.0

Ir: +

(old handphone - www.old-handphone.blogspot.com)

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